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About Competitive Mold and Detail

We can build a mold
better, faster, and less expensive
than going overseas.


With over 40 combined years of plastics and mold making experience, Competitive Mold and Detail can handle any and all complex or complicated design/build issues.

We know that good products come as a result of good relationships with our customers. We work with you from design to production to deliver molds of the highest quality and engineered to your exact specification.



size and load
42 x 24 x 24 steel size capability with up to 3,000 lb. table loads.

tool designs
2D and 3D tooling work.

3D 1-off rapid prototyping machining.

exceptional service
40 years combined experience.

No design too complex.

We work with you from specification to delivery.


We proudly use Hurco vertical machining centers.


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